Funeral Bagpiper for Hire - UK & South West

Pipers have been used at military and state funerals for centuries as the bagpipes add a special touch providing sweet haunting melodies. The sound of the bagpipe is the perfect send off for your loved ones. They can be used at any type of funeral, whether it is a cremation or burial. 


Robert works closely with several funeral directors in the South West of England, South Wales and the Midlands. You will likely be offered his services by the funeral directors if you are looking to use a piper, however please feel free to contact him directly.


It is not unusual to play at different cultural ceremonies. Robert has played in Christian, Sikh, Muslim and Catholic ceremonies. The pipes draw a tear whatever the families background.

Picture: Escorting the hearse to the Church alongside Alexander Burn Funeral Directors

Picture: Taken on the Somme at the graveside of an fallen WW1 soldier

Some music choices for a funeral


The Dark Isle

Heroes of Kohima

Flowers of the Forest

Highland Cathedral

Going Home

My Home 

Misty Covered Mountains of Home

Hector the Hero

Flower of Scotland

Amazing Grace


Mull of Kintyre

Oft on a Stilly Night


There are many more to chose from but this gives you an idea. Some ceremonies request more upbeat music, the choice is yours. 

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